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Feel the new binary power of SAST
Both web-based and on premise tool to scan your applications for vulnerabilities. Just throw source code, executables or binaries at SmartDec Scanner and get the security threats report.
Decompiling binaries without debug info became a reality.
SmartDec Scanner provides a comprehensive approach to fighting vulnerabilities in your critical applications, mixed with a combo of industry-wide accepted practices as well as unique proprietary technologies.
Static Application Security Testing (SAST)
Catch and remediate potential vulnerabilities as early as possible while the testing process is integrated with the existing development life cycle.
Production SAST (prodSAST)
Run SAST even if development is completed. No matter whether you have the source code, binaries or executables, it's always a good time for prodSAST by SmartDec Scanner.
Interactive Application Security Testing (IAST)
Combine best practices of SAST and DAST approaches to get new vulnerability insights.
Mobile Application Security Testing (mAST)
Just provide your app URL on Google Play/App Store to scan it for vulnerabilities.

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Static & Binary Analysis
source code
Java, JSP, Scala, Kotlin, Groovy, Go, Objective-C, Swift, C/C++, C#, PHP, JavaScript, TypeScript, VBScript, Python, Visual Basic 6, Ruby, ABAP, Apex, Delphi, T-SQL, PL/SQL, HTML5, Solidity, COBOL
executable fileS
Java, Scala, Kotlin (.jar, .war), C/C++ (.dll, .exe)
Android (.apk, Google Play link)
iOS & macOS (.ipa, .app , App Store link)
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About Us
SmartDec is a Cyber Security Company, providing software and managed detection and response (MDR) services to protect critical information from advanced cyber threats. The Company operates globally. Our approach to Cyber Security is based on the understanding that IT and IS technologies often do not keep up with the advanced threats in the modern rapidly changing world. Therefore, the real security is only possible through building of a unified cyber security monitoring and management framework.

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