With Compliance in Mind
SmartDec Scanner is a great choice for companies seeking to support compliance with security standards, with users being able to easily generate scan reports formatted according to PCI DSS or OWASP vulnerability classification.
Information Security Department
SmartDec Scanner gives data security departments a true instrument of independent and transparent vulnerability control.

Unique decompilation and deobfuscation techniques make it possible to examine the definitive version of applications (as a binary file), therefore avoiding a situation when the source code submitted for analysis is not identical to that used to compile the application. SmartDec Scanner also used its decompilation and deobfuscation techniques to identify vulnerabilities in third-party code and in libraries used by the system in a ready-to-use (compiled) format.
A simple product that can analyze applications in the absence of a source code, SmartDec Scanner is a great tool for businesses that care for information security.

Sophisticated technologies used by SmartDec Scanner are managed by a few mouse clicks. Its flexible reports can be interpreted by staff with little knowledge of computer science. For instance, SmartDec Scanner generates Executive Summaries with graphic diagrams and a comparison between the product under analysis and similar software.
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